• April thru September: We practice Wednesday evenings on the outdoor range from 5:30pm until dusk. We use USPSA cardboard targets & steel poppers, barricade/door, maybe a swinging target or “flopper” with “lollypop”. If rain, we’ll probably move to the Indoor Range.
    • September thru March: We practice Wednesday evenings on the indoor range from 5:00pm until approximately 7:15pm. We useĀ USPSA cardboard targets, steel plates & bowling pins.
    • These practical pistol practice sessions consist of shooting 8 – 30 rounds per stage, some stages with mandatory reloads, other stages with reloads as you need it. Each run is timed, but not scored. (You can check your own hits.) One shooter at a time is run thru each stage by a certified Range Officer. All safety rules are strictly enforced! (No alcohol! No drugs!) For all you reloaders, you can pick up your brass.


Equipment Required

    • Eye and ear protection.
    • Centerfire handgun.
    • 3 or 4 magazines or speedloaders.
    • Holster: either concealed-carry or competition.
    • Magazine holders (or big pockets).
    • Stiff leather belt to hold everything up!
    • Approximately 100 rounds of ammunition. I bring at least 200. If fewer people show up, you’ll get to shoot more!


The club is affiliated with The United States Practical Shooting Association and runs outdoor matches (winter excluded) on one Saturday a month.

These matches attract shooters from all over the New England area.