Pistol Bay Rules

Hopkinton Sportsman’s Pistol Bay Rules

  1. Eye and Ear protection is REQUIRED for all shooters and spectators at all times.
  2. No one under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription narcotic or other legal drugs which may impair normal reflexes is permitted on the range. Alcohol or illegal drugs are not permitted on the range.
  3. First Shot Fired – 9:00 AM. Last Shot fired – ½ hour BEFORE sunset.
  4. Members are responsible for range safety. Politely inform the person of the safety violation and report it to a HSA Officer or Director. Any person intentionally destroying steel targets, target frames, target holders, or other club property shall face suspension by the BOD.
  5. Members are limited to 2 shooting guests. The Member is completely responsible for the actions of the guest. Juniors (under 18) shall be accompanied by an over 21 Member.
  6. Firearms, except for lawfully carried defensive side arms, must be transported cased and secured to the Pistol Bay. Note: This does not apply to organized practices or competitions whose rules require other handling procedures.
  7. All rounds must be aimed to impact the lower one half of the 180 degree berm.
  8. Acceptable targets are paper, cardboard, steel, frangible, and self-sealing plastic targets. No ground targets allowed! NOTE: the equipment tables are not target stands.
  9. All commonly accepted handguns and calibers are permitted in Pistol Bays. No rifles, shotguns, or rifle caliber pistols are allowed in pistol pits 1, 2, or-3.
  10. Center-fire rifles, handguns and shotguns may be used ONLY in Bay 5 and 6 using your own targets.
  11. .22 rim-fire rifles and Pistol Caliber Carbines may be used in Bay 5.
  12. No steel core or steel jacketed ammunition is allowed in ANY pistol bay. No Magnum loads are to be used with the club’s steel targets. No steel engaged closer than 23 feet.
  13. Remove all of your personal gear; i.e. target stands, target debris, when leaving the range.
  14. Pick up ALL of your brass (yes, .22 lr) and either take it with you, or deposit it in the brass buckets. Trash in trash buckets.

Approved by B.O.D. June 1, 2018