Outdoor Range Rules


    • Electronic card pass for secured access.

Outdoor Range Rules

1 – Eye and ear protection is required for all shooters and guests

2 – No one under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is permitted on the range. Alcohol or illegal drugs are not permitted on the range.

3 – First Shot Fired – 9:00 AM. Last Shot fired – ½ hr BEFORE sunset.

4 – No firearm shall be pointed above the top of the backstop. All projectiles shall be aimed to strike the lower one half of the backstop. Diagrams on Website – Files.

5 – All uncased firearms must have the actions open, except when ready to fire.

6 – Before moving forward of the firing line to change targets:
• Receive positive acknowledgement – THE LINE IS CLEAR
• Turn on down range warning system switch on post nearest your location
• Upon returning turn off the switch
• All actions must be open – flagged is preferred
• Step clear of the firearm. Do not handle the firearm

7 – Prior to firing:
• Receive Positive acknowledge – ALL CLEAR
• Confirm the firing lane is CLEAR

8 – Shooting from the covered firing line takes precedence over shooting from any downrange position. • The downrange position is preferred for steel shooting • The minimum distance between the shooter and steel is 23 feet. • Steel shall NOT be placed on the cement target holders

9 – Members are responsible for range safety. Politely inform the person of the safety violation and report it to a HSA Officer or Director. Any person intentionally destroying target frames, target holders, or other club property shall face suspension by the BOD.

10 – Members are limited to 2 shooting guests The Member is completely responsible for the actions of the guest. Juniors (under 18) shall be accompanied by an over 21 Member.

11 – Fully Automatic Firearms are prohibited by HSA and the Town Ordinances. Exemption is for MCJTC approved training only.

12 – Steel Core Rounds are prohibited. Dud rounds in Dud Box. Brass cases in pails. Steel, aluminum cases and trash in barrels.

Any additional instructions posted on the range by the Board of Directors must be followed.


Adopted 11/18/1986, Updated 8/25/2008