Hopkinton Sportsmen’s Association is currently accepting new members. To join, prospective members must have a sponsor in good standing and who has been a member for more than one year; members can only sponsor two new members per year. After obtaining a sponsor, complete an application, and attend a monthly Board  Meeting, or a General Membership Meeting every other month (calendar).  Please Review the HSA Calendar (here) for upcoming events as a method to meet members for sponsorship. On the night you attend, you will need a check for your initiation fee and annual dues; MA License to Carry or MA Firearms ID Card; Valid License to Drive; as well as proof of membership in the NRA, GOAL, or NFFA (National Field Archers Association); Membership Secretary can assist with those memberships.

    • Dues are prorated monthly; initiation fee: $100.00
    • Annual Dues are $180.00 and maybe reduced by $50.00 by completing work hours, and/or General meetings 1HR = $10.00
    • Add spouse to membership – free; Children under 18 – $2.00 per child
    • Lifetime memberships are available – Donations to Comm2A are encouraged
    • Separate qualifications are required for the use of 200 Yard Range and the Indoor Range (24/7 access).

Download the applications here:

Schedule your field tests here:

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