Indoor Range Rules

  1. Eye and ear protection is required by EVERYONE in the range area.
  2. No one under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription narcotic, or other legal drugs which may impair normal reflexes is permitted on the range. Alcohol or illegal drugs are not permitted on the range.
  3. Juniors (under age 18) must be accompanied by a HSA range qualified adult(age 21 or over) who will be supervise and be responsible for that junior.
  4. HSA range qualified adults may bring guests to the indoor range. The member is responsible for one (1) guest shooting under the member’s direct supervision. Members have priority for range use.
  5. All uncased firearms must have actions open until ready to fire.
  6. Prior to going downrange, all firearms must be made “safe”. All must acknowledge the line is “clear” and stand clear of their shooting position – there will be NO handling of firearms while the line is in the “clear” condition.
  7. The firearm should never be raised above the horizontal position.
  8. All factory standard handgun calibers and their related ammunition are allowed on the range. Not allowed: armor piercing, rifle, or rifle equivalent wildcat, tracer rounds. Handguns must utilize the 18inch target holder with paper or cardboard targets, in the standing, sitting, or kneeling position.
  9. Rifles are restricted to .22 caliber rimfire. They may be fired from the standing, sitting, kneeling, prone position with the appropriate length target hanger with paper or cardboard targets.
  10. Air, and air soft pistols and rifles are not allowed on the indoor range.
  11. Shooting is allowed from the seven (7) yard line (red strip on floor), but no closer due to backsplash. Priority is given to those using the 50 foot line.
  12. Inspect the range prior to using and report any damage to BOD or Committee member. Range cleanliness is everyone’s responsibility. Brass (yellow) goes in brass bucket. Steel and aluminum, targets go in trash. Sweep prior to departure. Turn off lights, heater, exhaust fan.

Any additional instructions posted on the range by the Board of Directors must be followed.

Adopted 05/03/93, Rev 02/22/01; Rev 2010