Archery Range Rules


Information and Guidelines:

The new practice range consists of a single firing line and 5 individual target stands. The target stands are set at 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 yards from the firing line (Please refer to the attached sketch (PDF) showing the range layout.   Archers must stand at the firing line when  shooting.

There are 5 ‘bag’ targets in the archery shed to be used on the range.

Recommended use as follows:

  • 2 small targets (Redhead brand ‘Deluxe’ targets) intended for the 10 and 20 yard target stands.
  • 2 medium targets (Redhead brand ‘Magnum’ targets) intended for the 30 and 40 yard target stands.
  • 1 large target (Morrell brand ‘Supreme Range Target’) intended for the 50 yard target stand. This is the largest target and offers the best backstop. It also requires two sets of hooks which are provided only at the 50 yard target stand.
  • All targets are kept in the archery shed when not in use. Members have access to them and they can be easily moved out to the range by using the two-wheel hand truck that is provided. (the Morrell target may require two people to move it and hang it on the target stand).
  • Targets are to be attached to the hooks and chains, using the grommets on the targets.

Use as many targets as you require when shooting, one target can be moved to different target stands as needed.

Access to the woods beyond the range is now provided by a new trail through the woods, starting near the utility poles at the firing line. (Please refer to the attached sketch)

When you are returning from the woods, please DO NOT go past the new gates along the cart path! Follow the new trail back to the clubhouse; you never know if someone is using the range.


  • Standard range safety rules and etiquette apply. Be considerate of other shooters.
  • All persons MUST be behind the firing line or the safety fence when shooting.
  • Targets must be returned to the clubhouse after use, no exceptions.
  • Please, Field Points Only!! No broadheads. If you want to practice with broadheads, you must use your own target.
  • Do not cut into the targets for ANY reason! Use two hands when removing arrows, they last longer with care.
  • Keep the range clean. Pick up all trash. Do not leave any targets or other materials on the range.
  • Post the Red Range Safety Flag on the 30 yard target prior searching for arrows beyond the targets. If you arrive at the range and suspect there is someone downrange, always check to see who might be there. Safety First!
  • If the Red Flag is posted out front, DO NOT SHOOT. Confirm that someone may be in the woods searching for a lost arrow. Wait until they return to the firing line.
    • There is a Red Range Safety Flag attached to the sign post at  the entrance to the archery range. Before searching for a lost arrow, you MUST post this flag in the holder located on the left side of the 30-yard target stand. Roll up the flag and return it to the sign post when you return to the firing line.

Downloadable Files: